4th August 2017

“Marine Pollution” Speech



The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

-Robert Swan


Ocean pollution, is there really a way to solve one of our main marine life killers and potentially to save ourselves? I’m just going to let you think about that question for a bit. Have a think about all the rubbish and oil. Think what kind of harm it is doing to the marine life not just under the deep blue sea but on the beaches where local wildlife go to lay their offspring. Think about how all of that rubbish and junk got there. US. this is our own doing, our own creation, our mistake. I’m here to talk to you about where the pollution in the ocean comes from, how pollution affects the ocean and marine life and if there really is a way to solve our own problem.


1st paragraph

First of all, Where does the pollution in the ocean come from? Well, when Small pieces of rubbish or empty food containers are tossed into the street they are often washed into storm drains during rain storms, which deposit the water and the rubbish into waterways leading into the ocean. The ocean currents then carry the rubbish out to great pacific garbage patch also know as the island of trash. Now the island of trash estimates of size range from 700,000 square kilometers to more than 15,000,000 square kilometers. 15 MILLION square kilometers. That’s almost the size of the united states of america times two. Statistics have shown that the “great” pacific garbage patch has increased by over 100 times since 1972. Thats over 4 decades, just imagine 4 more decades into the future when this catastrophe has grown another 100 times. Our future generation won’t get to experience the blue water and fresh salty smell but instead get the smell of decomposing rubbish and the sight of rubbish bags and containers floating on the ocean surface going on for millions of miles.


2nd paragraph  

The effects of ocean pollution can be devastating by different types of toxic chemicals and substances such as oil. damaged oil rigs can cause an oil spill which then spreads to the shores and reefs. this oil can affect the marine life in quite a devastating way by covering the reefs that are homes to millions of fish and preventing the sunlight to reach the coral. With the sunlight not breaching through the thick sloppy oil layer the coral can not photosynthesise which the causes them to die off. The now unprotected different species of fish are left to be eaten by bigger fish. But this is where the main problem begins, the fish that have lived in the reefs are now contaminated with lethal diseases that will infect and kill  the bigger fish that ate them and then the bigger fish that ate them. This problem will run throughout the food chain infecting thousands of different species of fish, penguins, bears, seals, whales. The list can go on forever, until it reaches us. Animals from the impacted food chain are then eaten by humans which affects their health giving the harmful diseases such as cancer and different types of birth defects.  

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