4th August 2017

creative wrighting


Statement of intent

I intend to write a creative piece of writing about moraine lake in Canada

It is a cold winter morning at moraine lake, plants and shrub are stiffly frozen, Frosted flakes of scree and rock surround the sapphire blue lake like the frame to a piece of art. The glow of the morning sun reflects of the stone giants in the distance and portraying them as large mounds of gold. The air is moist and cold almost like the inside of a freezer. The silence is broken by the delicate movements of trees and shrubs rustling against each other and small rushes of water on the shore. The trees are green and vibrant, the perfect filter for the sugar coated mountains. Fog seeps off the mountains and collides with the lake slowly and calmly, blocking out the sunlight that the little lake critters enjoy.

standing under the tree line, the beams of light scratch their way through the small gaps between each and every pine needle. the light is almost blinding to the eye. the contrast of colors is a sight to see.

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