4th August 2017

“Now and Then”




Ben Fussell


In summer, Antarctica is like an endless desert of snow tread on for countless miles; a wasteland of ice, trapped in a valley of an intense mountain range. The elevation of rock and earth has snow seeping into every nook and cranny like icing on a cake. These godly giants reach to the sky, grasping on to every cloud they can get a hold of. Cutting through the thick fog with their sword like saddles and unchaining a sudden explosion of light off the icy sheet. All of a sudden a glare Reflects a blinding light coming from the glistering sun while The spine-chilling sound of snow being crushed and grinded between the gigantic wall of ice. A concoction of the cold atmosphere and the pleasant warmth of the sun is a fruitful combination. However, the slight bone-chilling breeze takes away the sensation and forces a sense of hyperthermia rushing through your veins like adrenaline.


In winter, a vigorous snow storm has brewed and is disturbing the calm night sky. Violent winds howl in every direction like wolves hunting their prey. Nothing can be heard but the screaming waves of wind. As the southerly breeze disrupts all known peace in the Antarctic region. The pitch black blizzard is tossing snow in every direction. Small droplets of frozen water are propelled through the air like an explosion of flour. All of a sudden a small light can be seen piercing the stormy, dark horizon,  A light from the infamous Scott Base has illuminated into this dark empty place like light reaching into the depths of the earth. The sense of being lost and the thought of death all blows away along with the wild blizzard. As the light gets brighter the closer you walk a rush of hope whips you, telling you to walk step by step until you succeed. It’s only 6 more months until the faithfull sun rises again to defrost the frozen wasteland.


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