14th August 2017

the nature of survival


Touching the void

 Joe Simpson

The nature of survival was shown in the text “Touching the void” written by Joe Simpson. The first aspect of survival that was shown is that having a partner who has the same skill set and same physique as you can bring your chances of survival to a greater extent. This was shown when Joe and simon were ascending Siula Grande and beginning to reach the summit. It seemed like it was quite a breeze for them both but with several minor issues such as cold fingers and rocks falling down, just missing them both. The text states, “Rocks! I yelled, ducking down and away. Heavy blows thudded into my shoulder… the boulder about 4 foot square, swept below me directly at him.” (Simon, p.33) and,  “Thrashed about me, breathing quick, frightened gasps of effort before i could pull myself out on top to the easy snow slope above the couloir,” (p.35) this shows that no matter how much you get hit or thrashed about in a journey you can’t just give up, you need to push on. If the men do stop mid-journey they will get injured by the weather or other natural causes.  As the reader of the book I learnt that giving up is not an option for Simon and Joe no matter what both of them go through. This can be used in many survival situations

lone survivor

Peter Berg

The nature of survival was shown in the film “lone survivor” directed by Peter Berg. The first aspect of survival was shown throughout the film it is to never give up. The viewer sees Marcus Luttrell played as Mark Wahlberg never giving up in the film. one of the main sections when this was shown is when all his comrades have been killed and he is the sole survivor. It is mainly shown when Marcus is lying underneath a small cliff hiding from a Taliban soldier he notices a AH-64 Apache fly over him and away. (which is his only remaining support left on the battlefield) The camera the cuts to a close up of Marcus’s face as he realizes that he is hopeless. With a broken leg and shrapnel in his leg from a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) he can not walk properly. Marcus then limps his way to a small pond and finds a local villager and his kid. They offer help and Marcus follows along. The villager and son walks Marcus to a village and into his house. This shows that any help you can get is very valuable and should be taken if trusted. Later on in the movie the house Marcus is in get blown up by Taliban forces. With only an inch of life left in him an american black-hawk helicopter come to rescue him. Marcus is then flown back to Bagram air base to safety. This shows what extent not just Marcus but every other navy seal does to survive. Giving up is not an option, surrendering is not an option. Doing whatever it takes to get out alive. “The only way to stop me is to kill me, break me down bit by bit hit me till my bones breaks i will not stop.” Marcus Luttrell.


The Martian

Ridley Scott

The nature of survival was shown in the film “The Martian” directed by Ridley Scott. The first aspect of survival that was shown is that using your particular skill set can be used to you’re advantage in any survival situation. This was shown when mark watney discovers a method to create and grow potatoes in one of his incubation rooms. He uses his botany skills and knowledge to figure out a way to make fertilizer, soil and a way to get enough water to make the plants grow. With mark using his botany skills it expands his chances of surviving by substantial amount. The first clip when mark realizes that he can make fertilizer is when he is just finishing up in the toilet. It is shown at a low angle with a wide shot and slowly zooming in on mark’s face. There is a non diegetic sound of a toilet with a very powerful sucking noise. Because the space shelter mark is in there is a vacuum packing system for human waste. He then collects the packaged waste and mixes it with mars soil and some water to make fertilizer. Mark uses large containers to collect mars soil and he covers the floor of the incubation room with it to create a small crop. He then piles small amounts of fertilizer on the soil and then puts half of a potato on top of the fertilizer and covers it with soil. As a few mars days pass, mark comes upon a small issue of figuring out a way how to get a constant and a correct amount of water for each potato. He comes up with a scientific method how to create steam which then turns into water. mark creates and machine that produces steam and water.

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  1. Ben, in the first week of Term 4, you will be given a lesson to finalise your “Significant Connections” assessment. Key areas to strengthen:
    1) Complete your analysis of four texts.
    2) Compare texts to each other after an initial text has been discussed.
    3) Look at your “Touching the Void” analysis: you need to keep to the point that you establish about survival in the opening paragraph. For example, you state that “having a partner who has the same skill set and same physique as you can bring your chances of survival to a greater extent.” However, you do not discuss this point and move on to other ideas. Keep your discussion focused on your initial idea throughout your paragraph.
    Well done for your work thus far, however, quite a bit to finish this coming week.


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